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Spacious cabins, contemporary furnishings and intimate public spaces combine to make the MS Adriatic Princess sought after choice.

Deluxe, stylish motor yacht with state-of-the art amenities that will satisfy your refined expectations for a small group cruise along the Croatian Coast.

MS Antaris is sure to exceed expectations with its luxurious and stylish standards.

A 38 person deluxe vessel with state-of-the-art equipment and amenities to truly pamper guests.

Launched in 2017, a Deluxe boat with spacious modern cabins and plentiful public areas from which to relax and enjoy the views.

The MS Aurelia is a brand new, state of the art boat. She features modern, classic decor and the full range of exceptional facilities.

The MS Avangard is a classic, state of the art boat. She features modern, contemporary decor and the full range of exceptional facilities.

Deluxe boat launched in 2015 featuring all modern amenities for a comfortable cruise.

Excellent First Class boat with varied cabin choices, most of which feature private balconies.

Cruise the Adriatic in style aboard this stylish, deluxe vessel that has been welcoming guests since 2018

The Deluxe MS Premier will be a yacht-like cruiser which will boast sleek lines, contemporary decor and all modern facilities.

An elegant yacht-like vessel featuring comfortable and modern amenities.

One of Croatia's finest luxury vessels to cruise the Croatian islands, the MS Swallow is sure to impress!